Retro photography

Retro Photography - Hollywood Style!

Classic Retro Hollywood images were known for their dramatic lighting as well as their sophisticated, sultry poses.

Many of the great Hollywood photographers from the 1920s through to the 1950s produced expressive and haunting images, stirring our imagination with their glamourous black and white portraits.

Retro Photography

In recreating Hollywood-style portraits, we draw inspiration from past masters such as John Kobal and George Hurrell in using a narrow depth of field with controlled traditional lighting styles. We aim to achieve striking images that look both effortlessly natural and have a very distinctive, elegant look.

Retro Photography
‘It’s all so simple – no one believes me … You strike a pose, then you light it. Then you clown around and get some action in the expressions. Then, you shoot.’ - George Hurrell

So why not let us take you back to the golden age of film, giving you a timeless look that was in great demand among the movie stars and those in high society?

Retro Photography

Our Retro Photography fees start at £250 which includes:

• Pre-session consultation.

• A 2-3 hour photography session.

• Up to 3 outfit and backround changes if it's studio based session.

• Clients are typically presented with around 20 final edited images.

• Both colour and black and white versions are included in your final choice.

• A mounted print in a 16x16” frame in a colour of your choice.

The session fee is payable on booking and does not include digital files or products.

At the end of your session, we will take some time to discuss the presentation options available for your finished photographs.

As an optional extras you can include a makeup artiste.

All prices include VAT.

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