How to prepare for an actors headshot session 

10th July 2020 - Ian Shuttleworth 

So, you've got all your outfits organised for your photo shoot, you know where you want your final headshots to be seen and how you want them to be portrayed.

Let’s focus on a few other issues…

actors headshots Imaginethat Photography - Based In Stokesley


It’s always best to arrive at your photo session with a light neutral cover, concealing any blemishes that you may have on your face and around your eyes. Remember, by applying makeup beforehand you can save precious studio time, you can always add more make-up, as required during your photo shoot.
As far as lipsticks are concerned, a tinted natural gloss, or nude lipstick is the best way to start, as with your neutral foundation. A stronger shade can be added as the session progresses, if required. The golden rule is that It’s always easier to add than remove!

Avoid fake tans and lashes unless they are subtle.



It’s important that your hair is under control. It would be silly to have your hair cut the day before your photoshoot as you may not be able to style it in your usual manner.
As freshly cut hair needs time to settle, the last thing you need is “bad hair day”, when all you want to do is concentrate on your photo shoot.

Why would you want to take a gamble?

So, make sure that you’re happy with your style and that you intend to keep it the same way for the foreseeable future after you’ve received your final images.

actors headshots Imaginethat Photography - Based In Stokesley

Men: If you intend to have shots, with or without facial hair, you can have a shave during a photo shoot but be aware that a freshly shaven face can often look a little red.
It may be worth grooming your beard prior to your session, for more definition.

So, all in all, preparing your skin and lips before the shoot is advised as it’s the best way forward in saving you time, but more importantly making sure that you get the most from your photo session. We can sort any other problems such as spots, at the retouching stage.

It goes without saying… Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water in the days leading up to your photoshoot.

One other thing, be punctual, as it’s your session booked and paid for.

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