Black and White Photography - A timeless medium?   

11th July 2020 - Ian Shuttleworth 

I often see the world in black and white as a timeless medium with things like texture, composition, form, and lighting at times, being overwhelmed in colour. Perhaps, it’s because we consider black and white photography belonging to the images of bygone days, when it was more widespread than colour.

As a photographer, I think that working in monochrome readily adapts to any kind of lighting situation. It adds an undeniable charm to images, whereas a dark overcast day for instance, can often look dull and lifeless in colour.

Monochrome Photography

Many of the traditionalists amongst photographers would argue that black and white images are the purest form of photography, adding power and depth to portraits.


Whether an image is presented in black and white, or colour, the essence of what photography is all about diverts our attention as to what makes a good image. It’s all down to personal taste and preference.

After your photoshoot, Imaginethat provides all your final images, in both mediums as a matter of course, giving you the option of how you want your images presented with the product of your choice.

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